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Dietary Supplements
The Office of Dietary Supplements at the United States National Institute of Health has produced a series of fact sheets giving reliable information, based on scientific research, about all the main dietary supplements.
Information for Patients
Cancerbackup are a charity that produces information for cancer patients, focussing on what types of treatments they can expect to receive, what will happen to them, the likely side-effects and what happens after treatment. They have detailed information for over 40 types of cancer.
International Cancer Research Portfolio
A number of cancer research organisations in the United Kingdom and the USA have created this database listing all the cancer research they support. It can be searched by the type of cancer and/or type of research.   The details includes a summary of each project.
Clinical Trials
New cancer treatments are tested out in clinical trials – studies in which a group of carefully selected patients are given the new treatment and the results compared with a similar group of patients (the control group) receiving the current treatment. Patients who want to help test new treatments can volunteer to go on these trials, although most trials have very specific criteria for the type of patients they need. Many clinical trials are randomised – patients are assigned to the test group and the control group at random.
There are several databases of clinical trials, which can be searched by the type of cancer, or other disease, involved.
Cancer Statistics
Cancer Research UK provides excellent information about the incidence of all the main types of cancers, as well as survival statistics and death rates.
Cancer Web Sites
The Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer has a long list of high-quality web sites about cancer. There are three lists: one for health professionals, one for cancer researchers and one for the public, patients and family:
The closest thing to slow suicide that is still legal. There are two organisations called ASH – Action on Smoking and Health, one in the UK and the other in the USA, that have web sites full of useful information and advice about why you should quit.
Giving up Smoking
The only wise thing for a smoker to do is give up, but that is not always easy. However, there are several good web sites that offer advice and support for those trying to quit.
Mobile Telephones and Cancer
Public concerns about whether using a mobile telephone or living near a mobile phone mast could increase the risk of cancer lead to several research projects being carried out in different countries. They found no evidence to support these concerns.
After smoking, obesity is the single factor most linked with increased cancer risk, as well as an increased risk of several other fatal diseases. Here are links to several good web sites with information about obesity, being overweight and how to lose weight safely.
Sunlight and Cancer
Overexposure to the UV light in sunlight is the main cause of skin cancer. It makes sense not to expose your self to too much sunshine.