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NHS Cancer Services.


NHS Improvement - Cancer
Cancer Improvement supports local organisations and clinical teams to look at the services they offer to patients. Working together, the aim is to make significant improvements by streamlining and redesigning the way that cancer care is delivered to patients to improve the patient experience and support the delivery of the Cancer Reform Strategy.

Cancer Services Peer Review – CQuINS
The online tool for the quality improvement of cancer care through self assessment and peer review. This page opens in a new window

Department of Health
Containing the Government’s major policies for cancer services.

End of Life Care Programme
To improve the quality of care at the end of life for all patients and enable more patients to live and die in the place of their choice.

Information for patients, carers and health professionals
Information already being produced by national organisations has now been collated together by tumour type and at each stage in the patient pathway. In addition, cancer networks are populating local electronic patient information pathways with their locally produced leaflets and booklets.

National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI)
NCRI is a partnership between government, charity and private sector organisations; its primary mission is to maximise the patient benefit from cancer research in the UK.

National Cancer Research Network (NCRN)
Providing the NHS with the infrastructure to support cancer clinical trials in England. Our aim is to improve the speed, quality and integration of research with the ultimate aim of improving patient care.

NHS Cancer Networks
Contains all of the contact details for the NHS Cancer Networks.

NHS Cancer Screening Programmes
Providing well-established cervical and breast screening programmes. Bowel screening services have recently been approved for national provision.

NHS National Library for Health
The Cancer Specialist Library is a unique resource developed to support busy health professionals find the cancer information they need to keep up-to-date. It is one of 25 Specialist Libraries containing collections of clinical and non-clinical resources within specialty themes.

Cancer Related Organisations and Charities
Providing a wealth of information about cancer, cancer care, prevention, research, and support.