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The Insidiousness of Breast Cancer and Its Current Treatment

By Stephen Ayers

In our modern world, the benefits that today’s manufacturing and agricultural activities have brought us is more than painfully offset by the damage to our personal health and wellness. During the course of our daily lives, we are continually exposed to common household products such as detergents, insulation, fabric treatments, flame retardants, cosmetics, paints, upholstery preservatives, and coatings for electronic equipment. When these chemicals accumulate within our bodies, they distribute into body fluids as well.

While it is painfully clear that we may find such toxic chemicals as fire retardants in the breast milk of Americans who unsuspectingly ingest these and unhealthy levels of many other of toxins form the air they breath, the water they drink, and the food they eat, then it is obvious that our drive for cultural, technological, and scientific advancement has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. The chemicals we have produced and utilized in the modern era have had many negative effects upon various human body organ systems and have caused many health problems that will have serious implications far into the future. Data from recent explorations into these issues suggest that all of us are at risk of developing serious diseases from long-term exposure to these chemicals that we had hoped would improve our lives. Our synthetic chemicalization of planet Earth, in the past 60 years, is showing up as a body burden that is a physical tragedy and a fiscal catastrophe. Nowhere are these terrifying results more evident than in today’s battles with breast cancer.

The link between toxins in our environment and diseases like breast cancer showing up in our populations is one about which there is little debate as to the cause and effect relationship. While media, political, and health watch organizations warn of the danger associated with large doses of synthetic chemicals within the living environments of human populations, it is apparent that even very low doses of certain chemicals can harm a developing fetus or newborn infant. Small amounts of lead, mercury or PCBs in amounts that would not harm adults readily damage the developing nervous system, causing defects that appear later on. While the general health of an individual is a factor in who is more susceptible to developing diseases from the exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment, the fact that breast cancer is claiming its victims from women both young and old, makes this situation all the more deplorable. We need to take a fresh look at not only the disease itself, but also at what may be alternatives to the current treatment of this abomination.

Since it is obvious that government, with its bureaucratic pace of environmental protection reform and industry with its millions of dollars spent lobbying against regulations that would impact the manufacture of their toxic products despite the obvious health concerns, will not solve this problem in the immediate future; we then, must take responsibility for our own health and wellness with education and pro-active prevention and treatment strategies. Since the current treatment methods, which have produced little to indicate real progress over the past thirty years, are the very essence of barbarism, we must seek out alternative ways of prevention and treatment, and help to bring them into the accepted mainstream of health care practices. We must also work to help ban dangerous chemicals and take immediate steps to protect ourselves from unnecessary exposure to those chemicals that we know to be harmful and contributory to the development of chronic and degenerative diseases.

The current medical practices to treat breast cancer seem more like torturous mayhem that therapeutic intervention. And is it any wonder when doctors and medical students alike get most of their primary, secondary, and continuing education funded, to a large degree by the megalithic pharmaceutical industry, the very authors and purveyors of drastic and toxic medical intervention procedures. This situation is all the more dreadful when it is pointed out that these increasingly toxic and experimental measures lead to future complications and the susceptibility to the premature development of other chronic diseases. This preoccupation with burning with radiation, poisoning with toxins, and slicing and dicing cancer is an appalling state of affairs that must end now. If you believe that current medical interventions do anything but dehumanize cancer victims, then perhaps you will want to go to your local video rental store and check out a movie by the name of “WIT”. That our bodies are nothing more than test tubes to those involved in the current cancer treatment methodologies is dramatically illustrated by this fine film. And just when current medical practitioners will leave this seemingly medieval torture seen behind is not immediately apparent.

Imagine if you will that a woman is called into her doctor’s office to review the results of her previous examination. The doctor looks at the images on the films that were taken and declares that he sees the shadow of something that could be deadly cancer and as a result has scheduled surgery within 24 hours. Before she even has a chance for the shock and terror to take hold, she is reeling with the realization that she will be going under the knife in less than a day and will never be the same again. Don’t kid yourself. This has been and is happening. This is a strategy designed to prevent you from stepping outside of the box of current medical interventions for the treatment of cancer, taking a deep breath, and processing this information in the new light of other possible courses of action. You may, after all, discover that you have other viable alternatives to choose from in this instance. The probable fact of the matter is that a health care provider, who rushes to execute such measures, would not be quite so eager to cut off the breast of his wife or of his daughter without considering less drastic options first. And, not to put too fine a point on the matter, but bringing it closer to home, I also do not believe that your doctor would be as eager to part with one of his testicles should a comparable diagnosis for him be pronounced.

It is imperative that we, as consumers, prevail upon our service providers to consider alternatives should we find ourselves in a similar circumstance. In fact, it may speed things along if, when confronted with a situation like this, we would graphically drive the point home by saying something like: “OK doctor, if you want to take away from me one of these (gesturing to the appropriate area of your body), then I think you should have to part with one of those, (pointing with your finger at his “family jewels” location). I will wager that a lively discussion of alternatives for this problem would ensue with little hesitation.

There are alternative remedies out there. Find them. It is known, for example, that certain foods, including many vegetables and fruits, may offer some positive effects in the fight against cancer. Dietary suggestions such as choosing most of the foods you eat from plant sources, limiting your intake of foods high in fat, particularly from animal sources, becoming physically active, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and limiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages, will add to your efforts to achieve a desired state of wellness and avoid diseases. One approach which has not had wide spread acceptance to date but has become quite intriguing, is the dietary use of certain carbohydrate containing plant materials to either prevent or treat certain cancers. There are numerous references which underscore the importance of a diet obtained primarily from plant sources as a major step in preventing cancer, or at least benefiting cancer patients. There are literally hundreds of reports supporting this concept.

Today the prevention of cancer with proper nutrition is widely accepted. It is believed, that in time, the efficacy of these materials in the fight against cancer will be firmly established, and that alternative choices for treatment will be included in the accepted resources for the treatment of cancer. This will help to negate the current propensity to pressure cancer patients into surgery or toxic therapies causing them to agree for fear that they have few, if any other viable options. Cancer cells and the means to deal with them effectively are located within our bodily systems. Those systems need but to be catalytically activated by the proper raw materials. If we are functioning properly at the cellular level, then the growth of cancer can be controlled and held in check from within by natural mechanisms that were in place long before modern medicine dreamed up its current toxic and drastic strategies. So, educate yourself about prevention and alternative options, move your body, eat well, supplement wisely, and TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!

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